Saturday, December 11, 2010

EP Review: "Justice" - Chelsea Rae

EP: "Justice"
Artist: Chelsea Rae

When I first heard the grainy, raspy vocals of Chelsea Rae, I was taken by surprise. I was expecting the typical, coffee shop, twangy country vocals that are coming out of every honky tonk in Nashville. Instead, I got hard hitting vocals that I would actually describe more along the lines of "Joan Jett" meets "Gretchen Wilson", a southern rock gem that's been hiding under common stones.

Chelsea Rae 's bluesy confidence is evident in the chorus of  "Hook 'Em", her musical advice to women wanting to get their man. Her smooth vocals take you back to times where things like catching fireflies and watching clouds while laying in the grass were what made you happy because "Life Was Simple Then". Chelsea Rae 's music covers a wide range of emotions from a tormented and broken heart, to taking life by the horns and doing things her way, to putting her boots and looking for some country ass to kick. When the right ears and right people hear what this artist has to offer, they'll be the ones who are hooked and she'll be the one getting musical justice.

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