Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Today I got a chance to hear the new and much anticipated August 21st cd release from Showdog Universal's JT Hodges and it is exactly what I already knew it was gonna be, exceptional music from a top shelf artist. If you have ever seen JT perform, you know that he isn't your ordinary, everyday image of what a country artist is or what one sounds like and not that there's anything wrong with that, it's what I love about him and I'm sure most fans will agree - his originality and ability to stand out and be remembered in a country crowd.  His music has already made an impact, bringing him a nomination for the 2012 ACM New Artist of the Year Award. He didn't win the honor, but to be recognized for his talent with just one song, "Hunt You Down", under his belt is an honor in itself that doesn't happen to an artist everyday.


The cd has 10 tracks, 8 which were written by JT. I love it when an artist writes his own music and chooses to showcase both their songwriting and vocal talent on their project. JT does both infinitely well. His first song out of the gate, the infectious "Hunt You Down", or as some call it "The Stalker Song" or "The Whistle Song", was immediately a hit and started a fan base that has grown rather rabid waiting for the release of this cd. Talk around town is that the second release from the cd, "Goodbyes Made You Mine" was a last minute release, replacing a song previously chosen to be released. Story goes that he wrote this one pretty quickly, brought it in and told the powers that be that they really needed to hear this one, they were blown away and BAM! There ya go. The song is catchy, much like "Hunt You Down" and is one you will find yourself singing to yourself in the car, the shower, in line at the grocery store and if you're like me, humming it rather awkwardly in the dentist's chair during a teeth cleaning. It's just that kinda song. My favorite on the cd, and I found it hard to actually narrow it down to one song, is the emotional "When I Stop Crying". It's a different direction for JT from his usual lighthearted tunes. It's one that really grabs your attention and it's one we all can relate to. 

Having seen JT's live show, I've heard several songs off the cd already and can't tell you which should be the next choice for release because I love them all. The cd ranges from foot tapping upbeat songs like "Green Eyes and Red Sunglasses" to those that make you stop what you're doing and find yourself in the middle of the story the song is telling. That's the sign of a good song and we can tell you, there are 10 good songs on this cd. I'm telling ya, if you put this cd on shuffle on your MP3 player, the player will refuse to skip any of the songs even if you hit the skip button.  Did I mention we just love this cd? Stay tuned for updates, we'll be doing a giveaway for the cd once it's released.

Here's the track listing:

Rather Be Wrong Than Lonely
Sleepy Little Town
Hunt You Down
Give It One More Night
When I Stop Crying
Goodbyes Made You Mine
Leaving Me Later
Right About Now
Rhythm Of The Radio
Green Eyes Red Sunglasses

If you weren't already a fan, you will be when you hear this cd. It's a collection of music that is capable of winning over the most rigid of critics and the most resistant of music fans. Check JT Hodges out online at, follow him on Twitter at @hellojthodges and find out what all the fuss is about.


Deb B. said...

Really, really looking forward to this *debut CD* from JT Hodges. His style is singular & fresh, from the hands & mind of a Master Storyteller. Is it 08/21/2012 yet? ; )

kristine said...

I am one big fan who is looking forward to JT Hodges CD being released.He is number 1 on my top favorite artist list,before I became a fan,I listened to a few of his songs on youtube and one that sold me was "Hunt You Down" and the one thing I do love about him is he is different,he is one guy artist who can sing anything and do a beautifull job at it.I have seen him live a few times and enjoy him when hes on the stage and when hes off.I am looking forward to seeing this guy grow and watch because theres nothing more exciting to see.A BIG fan for life:)

kristine said...

This big fan is really looking forward to JT Hodges Album comming out on 8/21/2012.I enjoy his style alot because its so different.He tells a story behind a song and thats one thing I love and enjoy about him as an artist:)

Valerie said...

Thanks for the review. I'm really looking forward to this cd and finally being able to listen to all of JT's music whenever i want. I've seen him live several times so have heard most of his songs. There's only a couple on the cd that i have never heard. So i really can't wait to hear everything! He's a awesome performer and a super sweet guy off stage too.