Wednesday, June 25, 2014


SINGLE: " Love"
ARTIST: Jana Kramer
REVIEWER: Han Van Meegerin
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The title of the Waylon Jennings song, Where Does Love Go asks us to ponder an almost esoteric question. The lyrics in the song “Something so real don't just disappear, If it goes away it must go somewhere” further exasperates this inquiry.

Enter Jana Kramer's song, Love. She sings optimistically about all the things that she believes in, but passionately wonders about the curious characteristics of love, such as, “love, I don't know where you ran off to.” However, the fitting climax are theses words, “But, love, love, love I still believe in you.” That my friends is the powerful answer to the question that came straight from the Hoss's mouth. Love is rooted in belief and faith.

Thank you Waylon for this soulful question and thank you Jana for your powerful answer. George Jones sang, “like the outlaw who walks through Jesse's dreams,” because Waylon's love was found in Jessi Coulter, I hope mine is found in my own wife. Happy Anniversary, Honey. I hope you still believe like Jana, “in wedding rings and bibles and the best walk you’ll ever take, Is walking down the aisle” I know that I do.

Make sure you do not miss the powerful, special and bonus love that is offered both in audio and video in Jana Kramer - "Love" (Official Music Video)

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