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American Patriot Leads Charitable Endeavor to Support Armed Forces


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 6, 2014) – For years Charlie Daniels has been an avid supporter of America’s military and now the Journey Home Project, a 501c3 organization, has enlisted Daniels as the Chairman of the Board.  In 2009, Daniels began hosting a yearly fundraising dinner at The Palm restaurant where money raised would be donated to various military charities.  In 2012, Daniels and David Corlew, co-founder of Journey Home Project, started the Charlie Daniels Scholarship for Heroes Fund as part of the Yellow Ribbon Education Program to raise money to allow our military heroes to receive an excellent education.  Now, in 2014, along with partners Joe and Mercedez Longever, the Journey Home Project has been established to cultivate and bring all fundraising efforts under one umbrella.

The Journey Home Project was born out of a need and helps create awareness, reaching out to people who might not come into contact with soldiers on a daily basis, but who care, we know that America is full of people who want to help, but they're not sure how,” says Joe Longever, Journey Home Project board member.  “Our veterans have sacrificed so much, they are proud that they have served their country and honored that someone would think of them. We can't forget this sacrifice.  If we all do a little bit, it all adds up to a lot.”

The Journey Home Project exists to assist other not-for-profits in securing funds to help causes that benefit Veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

“Between Charlie and me, we have traveled abroad to so many military bases to show support for our troops and it means so much to us personally,” adds Corlew.  “Every time we do events or put fundraisers together, people want to know where the money is going and how we can help their situation. With the Journey Home Project, we can now make the decisions on where the money will go and how it can best help those in need.”

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The Journey Home Project has already donated $22,500 to the Task Force Dagger Foundation after raising funds at a private dinner.  The next event planned will take place at The Palm restaurant on Tuesday, September 9th, where Charlie Daniels will host a benefit for the Journey Home Project.

The Journey Home Project organizational members include:

Charlie Daniels – Chairman of the Board
Mercedez Longever – Managing Director
David Corlew – Board member
Joe Longever – Board member
Ed Hardy – Board member

Charlie Daniels will host an exclusive Facebook Q&A, presented by Media Research Center, on Wednesday, August 6th at 12:00 pm ET at

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