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ARTIST: North 40
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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North 40’s newest single “Whole Lot Of Livin’” is a “Live while you can, cause it ain’t gonna be forever” song. North 40 is a girl duo comprised of Paige Logan who grew up in Arizona and moved to Nashville the first chance she got and Heather Herren-Looney from Shreveport, Louisiana. Heather moved to Nashville with her husband not too long after, ended up meeting Paige Logan and the two perhaps realizing that their voices and accents blended together wonderfully, formed a duo and the rest is history!

Actually, the rest is before they ever met, they tried to stray away from such a risky life decision but the music drew them back. Heather got married and had a career as an interior decorator and Paige Paige was a realtor. All the hallmarks of a secure, stable life. One where you knew day-to-day what to do, where to go, and where the next paycheck was coming from. One where, though in Nashville, music and performing was not nearly present enough. After deciding that they wanted desperately to get back in the music industry and take that leap, (Perhaps meeting as their paths of interior decorating and realty could have possibly passed?) They started performing together and became the North 40 that you hear today.

Heather and Paige have smoky-sweet voices colored by age and experience, it shows in both their writing and their singing. “Old enough to know better, but I’m far too young to give a damn, well they say nothing good can last forever but forever ain’t never been in my 10-year plan.” could really be anthemic for any age, depending on how you feel. How “carpe diem” or “carpe nox” you feel. Live it up people you’ve only got a short while. This song inspires you to live it up and pursue adventure at any age, from 16-60. It’s such a positive song with a little mischievous smirk in it. It’s saying “go on, get a little crazy, perhaps go skinny-dippin’, road-trip to somewhere you’ve never been before.” Don’t let the idea of someone’s life for you dictate your life, find adventure and keep finding it. Life is quick, make sure you’ve done everything you’ve wanted and then some. What a great message to carry with you, and shake you out of your everyday doldrums if you have them. If you don’t, you’re the embodiment of this song, and always, always, always seek new experiences and live like you do. “I want to die from a whole lot of livin’” is a superb sentiment and how Paige and Heather end this song. Certainly an amp you up song, beautifully sung, and leaving me wanting more!

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