Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Contributor: Alyse Smith
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This Wednesday’s feature is one of the few artists famous enough to carry off the one name thing, the no last name needed thing, joining the ranks of Elvis, Cher and Bono - the one and only Wynonna!

 Wynonna’s voice is powerful in a way few have ever been, and it is one of the things most commonly associated with her.  Luckily, she has a personality as powerful as her voice. Her song “No One Else on Earth” famously displays this. Written by Jill Colucci, Sam Lorber and Stewart Harris and released on her debut solo album “Wynonna” in 1992. Before her solo career, Wynonna had a very successful career as half of the Judds with her mom Naomi. After finding their way in the music business and discovering what kind of artists they were, they sought separate paths. This was also influenced by Naomi’s illness at the time who for lack of want or ability, stepped aside for the time being. The happy ending still today is that Naomi’s fine, she became an author and motivational speaker. Wynonna became a smash success off her solo career and presently continues to do so.
The fact that “No One Else on Earth” was part of her quadruple-platinum debut makes it all the more impressive, as one does not expect that command over one’s voice and the music industry at such a stark change in a career. With equal parts honesty and aplomb, as Wynonna has always handled herself, she continues to tour and pursue music today. Though she’s mastered several industries along with a chaotic life more in the public than most are used to, this is still the song that draws me back to her.  “No One Else on Earth” is one of those songs where no matter who or where you are, everyone gets giddy and screams right there with Wynonna. (HOW DID YOU GET TO ME?!),  one of those that just overtakes you, you just can’t help it. After all, it’s Wynonna!

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