Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We posted a status on our social media accounts yesterday, "If you believe in an artist, who they are as a person, their talent and their future, speak up and stand up for them, even if you're the only one standing" and got overwhelming response from fans that are doing just that. I thought I'd share just a few of the responses we received from you.

Loretta Picard says "Christian Kane, he is a talented individual not only on screen but his music as well. Such a humble & beautiful person."

Regina Adams says "I stand up and give a shout out for Craig Wayne Boyd winner of Season 7 The Voice!!!!"

Joann Robb says "Jason Michael Carroll is a great artist, song writer, singer, performer, and all around nice guy."

Kim Alexander says "I believe in Home Free! They're so talented. Can't wait to see what they do!"

Michelle Bowen says "I do this! Love my Sam Grow and Chris Young!"

Terie Vass says "I believe in Jake Clayton and his creative partner/bandmember Rob Daniels. Talented guys making good music and I share their CDs with everyone who'll listen."

Shay Overbey Sims says "Looking forward to seeing where Rhett Sims music career takes him! I believe in him!! @RhettSimsMusic"

Carolina J. Webster says "I belive Christian Kane and Matthew Huff are very talent men on the music world I belive they can make it in the music world. I do my best to speak up and stand up for both guy's."

Teri Dimmett says "I believe in an artist wholeheartedly, he is Ryan Broshear and he will go far in his career."

Nancy Stone Barnes says "I believe in James Wesley and Christian Kane. I think they are both very talented and would love to see them make it!"

Jim Hoffman says "Michaelis! Love their vocal purity, harmonies, and the final song on their album is the most beautiful song I've heard in my life!"

Heidi Jones McKeon says "Christian Kane - I have yet to meet him or even see him perform in person. But when I'm feeling g down or stressed. I can put on his music, close my eyes (unless I'm driving,lol) and just listen and it makes everything better. And I realised this past week while I was out of town driving back and forth from hotel to venue, the perfection of his song "More than I Deserve" especially when he and Steve Carlson perform it together with acoustic guitars."

Kim Webster says "Craig Wayne Boyd.....He's the total package....genuine person, phenomenal talent, and the new look of country music (bringing back the old school country) .....that's what I think.....with thousands of his #FringeNation #Yallers backing him all the way!!!!"

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