Friday, February 6, 2015


SINGLE: "I Love This Life"
REVIEWER: Maria Tamalo
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Locash's newest single "I Love This Life" paints a perfect picture of what it means to live country. They talk about loving their "small town world" which includes everything from broke in boots to camo hats to fresh cut fields and the "country line bar where they all know my drink." It sounds to me like they both came from the types of small towns where everyone knows everyone, which could quite possibly have been the influence of this song. They love everything that comes with the territory of living a country life. Coming from a small town myself, I can definitely relate. These lyrics speak the truth to what it is like growing up in a small town world.

We're glad to see LoCash back in the spotlight and expect to see great things from these guys!

You can purchase "I Love This Life" on iTunes.

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