Friday, February 6, 2015


SINGLE: "Little Toy Guns"
ARTIST: Carrie Underwood
REVIEWER: Maria Talamo
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Carrie Underwood's newest single "Little Toy Guns" is a song about a little girl whose parents fight over just about anything. To try to escape the yelling, she hides in a coat closet and covers her ears with her hands. She wishes and prays that words were like "little toy guns" so that they weren't so hurtful. This song hits home not just for children growing up in homes surrounded by fighting, but really anyone. At some point in every person's life there was or will be hurtful words thrown at  them. If words really were like "little toy guns" the would be "no pain, no damage done."

With "Little Toy Guns", Carrie has once again proven why she's one of the top female artists in country music.

This song is going to shoot to #1 with a bullet.

You can purchase "Little Toy Guns" on iTunes

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