Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Rick Monroe’s latest single “Great Minds Drink Alike” is an ode to the bar culture. To bars out in the country, to bars in little towns, to honky-tonks and hellraisers everywhere. We’re all going to be there and we can’t wait to see you it’s our every weekend special.

What I love about this song so much is that it perfectly lays out what it is. It starts out with “What I’m saying ain’t nothing new ain’t gonna reinvent the wheel we’re having a good time something we all wanna do we’re just saying what we think and feel.” A little while in he says “Yeah, you’re right this ain’t no love song but it’s the best that I can do.” An honest line if ever there was one, this song makes known exactly what they’re looking for and chasing after - that every Friday night until Sunday morning time, drinking and hanging out with all their friends. We’re all glad to be together, been waiting on this all week and now we’re going to get “hot women cold beer, Chevy trucks and John Deeres, everybody’s hitching a ride.”

My favorite of Monroe’s songs I can’t wait to play this song on repeat in whatever bar I’m in. His voice, the guitar and distinctive lyrics are all on par and are the best I’ve heard from him yet! If you can’t wait to hear/see more either he’s on tour in California this month and for June he’s going to have a New Jersey show along with a couple of shows and appearances at CMAFest.

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