Saturday, October 3, 2015


SINGLE: "When I'm Gone"
ARTIST: Craig Morgan
REVIEWER: Maria Talamo
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Craig Morgan is definitely a one of a kind guy. There is truly no one else out there quite like him. He’s been in the military, became an EMT and was also a sheriff’s deputy, just to name a few things. He is also an incredible outdoorsman and family man. He quoted on his website “music is like a center for all of those things.  It' It's the outlet for me to express everything I am. When I'm riding my dirt bike, you may not know about my music, and when I'm in a military environment, it's not the center point. But my music career allows me to talk about and be a part of all of those other energies in my life. When I'm on stage, I get to express all of it.” Because of this, there isn’t a song of his out there that someone can’t relate to. His most recent single “When I’m Gone” is the perfect song for Morgan. In the song he sings about how he wants to be remembered as the guy who lived live to the fullest. In the chorus he sings about laughing more than crying, staring down all of his fears and living ever moment so that his memory lives on after hes gone. It is truly an amazing song that you won't want to miss!

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