Wednesday, November 25, 2015


SINGLE: "Cowboy's Love"
ARTIST: Leah Turner
REVIEWER: Jennifer Smith
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She's back and she's not sitting back waiting on opportunity to look for her. Leah Turner saw an opportunity, took an opportunity and kicked that opportunity square in the "Cowboy's Love".

Speaking of opportunity, radio sure missed a few of theirs when they had potential hit songs by Leah including "Take the Keys" and "Pull Me Back" right in their hands, but for some reason they chose to let that slip right through the typical radio cracks. Once this one gets out there, maybe they'll take a closer listen and cues from fan talk on social media and make the choice to add Leah to their rotations. She's got a true grit that's missing in today's music, a rustic growl and yet at the same time, enough grace and beauty to achieve the perfect balance. You won't see her out begging for the spotlight, she doesn't have to because it always seems to find her. She's simple, and natural, yet feisty and blessed with a voice and a personality that go hand in hand, all of which fans are finding out more about and want to get to know.

Her new video for "Cowboy's Love" is a reflection of her cowgirl roots, having grown up on the rodeo circuit as the daughter of a professional team roper. There's dust and gravel in her soul because she grew up on the dirt roads, she's breathed in the rodeo air, she's lived the bonfire life and she's known the love of a cowboy. This song and video are who Leah is and the romance of the life she's lead. One listen to the song and you'll find yourself loving it like we do and like many others have. There really is nothing like a "Cowboy's Love".

Leah is also great with fan interaction and engaging. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter at @LeahTurnerMusic, on Facebook at Leah Turner Music and on Instagram at @LeahTurnerMusic. Really, she's country bombadacious! No, really! Trust me!

On a scale of 1-5 cowboy hearts, I give it a straight up 5!

- Jenn

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