Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I have to admit that there are very few new artists that really make an impression on me and remind me why I love country music so much. Thank God for Mo Pitney. Mo not only has a voice that immediately puts you at ease, but is the very picture of what country is about - love, family and humility. He shows a respect for the genre that isn't very visible these days and a humility that you rarely seem to see anymore in today's industry that is based on "cut it quick, get it to radio quick, make the buck and move on to the next single quick" mentality. The music of Mo Pitney isn't random, it isn't thoughtless or without real meaning and it isn't cut from the same cloth as every other artist on the charts and this is what legends are made of. Mo Pitney is a country legend in the making and we're all so lucky to be a witness and watch him grow from the ground up.

Check out his video for his brand new single, "Boy and a Girl Thing." Request this song on your local stations and if they add it to their rotations, be sure to thank them for playing the real deal. Mo's got what country's been missing. We need #MoCountry.

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