Wednesday, December 16, 2015


#FOODFORTHOUGHT - Chew on this for a minute if you're a new artist struggling with the implications of which way to go, how to get it done, and what you need to do ...

Take your blinders off -- Don't head right out of the gate with your "radio play" blinders on. Don't keep "chart chasing" in your mind. Start out slow and build your core audience first, those who are gonna start talking, those who are gonna start posting and tweeting about "have you heard?". You have to make a connection first in order for your audience to expand. If you're honestly good and have the right people in your corner and the right financial backing, radio play will come and if not, that's ok too. Just because radio says it's good, doesn't make it the gospel. It may be the most popular breed in the competition, but that doesn't always equal "the best in show" when it comes to the ears of listeners. 

Pick Your Team - Make sure the people on your "team" are REALLY on your team and doing what you're paying them to do or what they've agreed to do. Make sure they're reputable, that they're representing you in the best positive and possible light and that they're looking out for YOUR best interest, not theirs or their wallets. Do your research, ask around, talk to other artists who have worked with someone that's offering to help you. This is YOUR career, YOUR music and YOUR reputation on the line.

Don't sell out  - It's great to want to  make a buck or a million, but don't sell your soul or your integrity as an artist to do it. Money and fame might make you feel good for awhile but it can also have the complete opposite effect in the long run. Remember who you are, why you love music, the kind of music you love and why you wanted to be an artist. Your style may not be Top 40, but it's yours and not a copy of every other artist. Stay true to you.

Strike a chord  - Engage with potential fans. Go out and introduce yourself, don't be scared of being personal with people, telling them why they should listen to your music . Social media can be your friend if you handle it the right way. Avoid postings that might cause controversy such as political bashing, talking negatively about other artists, using foul language and constant oversaturation of self-promotion. Posting about shows and upcoming music releases or videos is fine, but don't do it over and over to that's all potential fans see on your timeline. Vary the posting topics and MAKE it a conversation, include your fans, talk TO people, not AT people and above all, be friendly and approachable.

Keep playing music that matter - both to the listener and to YOU!

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