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Everyone wants to run a fan page these days on Facebook, but are you running your fan page to it's fullest potential? Noticing you aren't getting many "likes" or that your fan numbers are dropping? Here are a few tips to help you run an amazing page. A successful and popular page requires time, patience, the ability to get along with various types of personalities and the ability to  think outside the box. Do you have those 4 things? If you answered yes, then you can run a successful Facebook fan page.

1. Create an awesome cover page that draws people's attention, same with the profile picture. 

Visual is everything. Don't just use a standard picture, create one that will wow visitors to your page. Do some research, check out other fan pages, google Facebook covers. Create a collage of fan photos from your artist's concerts. Here's where your creativity kicks in.

2. Network with other social media pages and websites for your artist. 

Your content doesn't need to be exclusive to you. Share articles, photos, videos and contests that mention your artist and be sure to credit your source, link to them if they have a website or social media site. Credit photographers and videographers. If you post something original about your artist, share it on other pages as well using the link for your post so it will direct back to your page and bring in more fans.

3. Be a valuable resource for information, not just pictures and videos. 

Make sure you are a central place for ALL things related to your artist, not just photos and videos. Include show dates. links to ticket purchase sites and venue sites, special events, news and giveaways.

Page admins can add multiple tabs. Tabs can be added to the left side of the page just like on your
personal profile.

Keep your content updated regularly. There is nothing more aggravating than going to an artist's page and not seeing the most current info and posts.

Share posts from your artist's official social media pages, but don't over post. Fans don't need to see every single post from every page. Share the stuff that's gonna get feedback and make an impact.

4. Work Positively with Pre-Existing Pages.

It's not necessary for there to only be ONE fan page if those already established can co-exist peacefully and work together. The more properly and positively run fan pages there are, the more traffic you draw to your artist and that's the goal, not competition. You can also share information among yourselves which creates more of a "community" feel than just another "fan page".

5. Target the right audience.

Know the audience your artist will appeal to. Posting about your favorite country artist on a rock and roll radio station's page is a waste of time as is sending out posts on your personal page. Chances are not everyone on your personal page is as into your favorite artist as you are. Choose who you promote to and make sure they'll be interested in what you're saying and the music you're trying to "sell" them on. Don't waste your time on just anyone and everyone. You want to foster relationships with those you common interests with and the main common interest is the artist and their music.

6. Keep the negativity to a minimum, a zero actually. 

Nothing turns potential fans off than bitching and moaning, criticizing and negative posting. Keep a positive arrow pointed at your target, your artist. Everything you post on your fan page directly reflects on the artist you're promoting.

7. Page admins need to be accessible and friendly. 

You may run the page but you don't own the artist. If you work directly with an artist, be sure to run things by them regularly instead of just running with something. You're representing them and how you handle things can help or hurt them. If you have an issue with a fan, take it behind closed doors and don't argue on the public wall. Be there to answer questions in a timely manner. If you have an app on your phone, turn on notifications and have your message section turned on. Respond timely, don't let messages or posts sit for days unanswered. Don't say that you officially represent an artist unless the artist has given you permission to do so and knows that you're telling people you are "official." That can be very misleading to readers.

8. If you're gonna start a page, keep it going.

If you are going to take the time to build a following, you have to take the time to keep things moving. Posting once or twice a week isn't going to keep interest, but neither is posting a gazillion times a day. Plan your posts, plan what you want to say and the content you want to use. We're all busy but if you start it, you need to keep it going. If you find that it's too time consuming, either turn the page over to someone else and step aside or close the page completely.

Start doing your favorite artist a favor and represent them professionally and make it enjoyable for everyone. Get people talking!

- Jenn

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