Monday, March 13, 2017


The Mavericks released their new single “Damned (If You Do)” from forthcoming album Brand New Day (release date of  3/31), to triple-A radio last week . The Latin influenced tune kicks off with a melodic guitar riff and has an infectious, swaying drumbeat, exhilarating horns and the hypnotic sound of the accordion. Raul Malo’s voice captivates listeners as he sings about the struggle between the heart and the mind, and the decisions and lessons learned along the way. Note: How are these guys NOT on the radio more? This needs to happen. The Mavericks are so far above the bar set by country radio these days. Maybe it's time that radio raised the bar to meet the standards of music by The Mavericks?


The single was written by Raul Malo and Alan Miller.

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