Friday, June 22, 2018


I see a lot of new artists struggling with what makes for interesting and worthwhile media content. With social media, video goes a long way and can really help boost your following. It also shows that you are more than just your show dates and new cd or single release date posts.

- Interviews

Do these, do them often. People love to hear what's going on right from you and they love to find out what makes you tick. Your fans want to get to know you. Interviews give them that opportunity and give you the chance to say in your own words what's happening and to personally express your gratitude. Interview with ALL size media outlets, not just well known names. These days independent bloggers and music reviewers are gaining traction on the big corporate blogs and catching up quickly in numbers. The difference? A lot of independents WANT to help you, they CARE about your music and they're not in it to just make a fee and lump you in with a hundred other artists. Corporate blogs are great too but you also can tend to get lost in the shuffle so don't blow off a small fish in a big pond. Remember, piranhas are small fish too but they sure do leave an impression and make their presence known. 

On the subject of interviews, try a "reverse" interview and YOU be the interviewer and turn the tables on your band members, crew, publicists, manager or even fans! How awesome would it be for a fan to be questioned by their favorite artist and it be posted on the artist's website? If you're in Nashville, do a random pop in at a honky tonk, the Country Music Hall of Fame or any other country music themed attraction and talk to visitors on camera and ask them about country music related subjects. That would make a HUGE positive impact for both you and your fans and would definitely pull in some new ones! Interview anyone related to your target audience and watch that audience grow.


No, I don't mean the drama that goes on after the show between band members or that kind of soap opera webisode. Give your fans a personal backstage on the road glimpse into your daily work life. Playing the Opry? Take your fans with you and show them what goes on in the backstage area before your big performance. Playing a small bar? Let them walk through set up with the crew and see all of the work that goes into the "before the show" show. Shoot from the bus on the road, singing show tunes with the band and crew, whatever. Just do something on a regular basis and keep the fun going while the camera's rolling. Ready? Set? Action!


Do you participate in charity events? Charity causes are a big plus about country music. Country artists seem to always find a way, any way, to give back when needed and help. Take a video camera along and record the moments of the day, talk to the people involved and let them talk about why they choose to give back and let your fans know how they can participate. 


If you're a more well known artist, post video giving advice or tips that have helped you along the way that may help a struggling artist. Don't be afraid to give away industry "secrets" to advancement, practices that you've found to be helpful. You can let fans know what they can do to help you, let them know things that aren't so helpful as well. If you're a songwriter, talk about songwriting tips and how to's. 


If you're an artist on the road, be a video "Tour Guide" to some of the places you visit when you're in certain areas. 

- Recommend local restaurants and the best eats on the menu. 
- Showcase the venue you're performing in and the staff that work there
- Spotlight some of the locally owned businesses around town
- Turn the spotlight back on the local media in town that have supported you. Let people know!

It doesn't take high dollar video equipment to produce a high quality enjoyable video so don't let cost scare you. Most smart phones are perfectly capable of producing a fantastic quality video and there are plenty of editing apps out there to make you look like Spielberg.

Get out there, have fun, stand out and show your fun side! Grow your audience!

- Jenn

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